Style Session with Madina

Fashion film shot and produced by Lawrence Essex

Lifestyle Blogger Madina Serazhiyeva beautifully photographed by Stoyanov & Jones wears our Mohair Jumper styled with her own floral trousers and fedora hat, creating the perfect transitional outfit for Spring.

Where do you look for style inspiration? When I look at a piece of clothing, shoes or jewelry, I instantly create a look in my head and then gather the missing pieces. I have a confession: I really love grunge. Yet, I am not afraid to experiment with different styles in one outfit. My overall style was definitely formed by the places I have previously lived in, the people I met and the experiences I went through. 

Favourite area to shop in London? Definitely Oxford Circus – it has so many options! I also do a lot of online shopping; I actually prefer it sometimes as it saves time.

How do you style yourself for a typical day? London style is very classy and chic. I love the prevalence of black, white and grey in street fashion. When deciding an outfit, I first think on how to make it warm, and then remember about keeping it stylish.

Your favourite thing about being a woman? My favourite thing about being a woman is the ability to be incredibly strong whilst appearing fragile and delicate.