LFWM SS20 Review

Fashion Week is one of my most favourite times year. A time for crazy creatives to get together and inspire the world, literally. Street style has become as vital to fashion week as the shows themselves and if you have been snapped as one of GQ’s or Vogue’s best dressed the next day then you have basically made it. As glamorous and fun as it may appear, many creatives work 9-5 in a field not  necessarily related to the industry and somehow are still able to attend the most important dates of the fashion calendar to gather inspiration, network and party ofcourse.


 LFW Men’s June 2019 took place at The Truman Brewery. Though initially quite skeptical of the area in contrast to Somerset House and other central London locations, I had never been more inspired during London Fashion Week.  The culturally enthused surroundings of East London set an entirely new feeling for the week-long celebrations. It was less pretentious and street-style became a lot more yet to me, felt much more genuine. Yes, you still do have the wealthy style bloggers in £600 chunky Balenciaga’s trying to ‘dress down’ to fit in but overall, there was still less distinction on class.


 This season, it felt that everyone was accepted with more people of colour on the catwalks and being featured in brand campaigns. Rather than spending breaks between shows overdosing on coffee at Pret, we went to a Jamaican jerk shop around the corner that unexpectedly turned into a mini day-party… very far from the fashion week norm where you are not actually meant to be caught smiling.

A lot more emphasis has been put on sustainability as the seasons go on and the smaller brands especially have began to take a step back and reconsider their entire design process whether it being lesser fabric usage and multi-functionality.  In some instances, it appears that some brands feel stuck as to what direction to take aesthetically whilst being environmentally and affordable.

The after parties were also a lot more relaxed and instead of bedazzling guests with celebrity DJs and luxury venues, the atmosphere formed organically by the diverse crowd who were not forced to where high heels and high end to gain approval for entry. After this fashion week, I have vowed to attend more events in East London as it is now London’s creative hub-spot and the go-to area for inspiration.

Images by Sherion | @Sherion