How it's worn- The Mohair Skirt

Timeless and effortless, the midi skirt is a wardrobe staple which reveals the perfect amount of leg during the colder seasons. Our Mohair version offers an interesting contrast to a simple outfit and not to mention extra coziness when your pair of 40 denier tights didn't make it back from the wash.


Emma Li

What do you do?

I work in PR, Events & Marketing

Your favourite thing about being a woman?

Lingerie, but also the world is still changing for women and that's an exciting prospect.

What was the last thing you Instagrammed? 

L Manze, Traditional Pie shop
What song are you playing on repeat? 

Mishlawi - All Night
Favourite thing about Mondays?

I hate Mondays, so i spoil myself with a Cinnamon Bun & Almond Hot Chocolate every Monday morning from Fabrique
How does The 7962 Mohair skirt make you feel?

It has a wonderful elegant vintage touch to it, but honestly it touches towards my lingerie background but in a subtle way, sexuality is darker when subtle.
Where do you look for style inspiration?

With so much heavy social media excess it's good to look away from obvious fashion outlets now - Ironically I wear a lot of black, with accessories ranging from Sex shops to Luxury brands. I don't focus too much about what's in style now because the best style options are the women who are dressing their personalities not for whats just off the catwalk.

Your favourite thing about Fashion Week?

haha my favourite thing about fashion week used to be sneaking in, but moving forward there's an excitement and creative energy you can't find anywhere else. Top it with a lack of sleep and strong coffees, you'll find the strength to sew half a collection the night before.