Stylist and Presenter Sarah Mulindwa styles our Katerina Gown and Sandrine Coat, beautifully photographed by Stoyanov & Jones and filmed by Lawrence Essex. She talks with us about her style inspiration,  body confidence and what it means to be a feminist.

Sarah Mulindwa by Stoyanov & Jones wearing The 7962
Sarah Mulinda wearing The 7962's Sandrine Fur Coat and Katerina Gown

Photography by Stoyanov & Jones

Fashion Film by Lawrence Essex


  • As a Radio Host and active social media user, how do you use media to express your interest in fashion?

Social media is my biggest platform for showcasing my style as it is for most people in the industry and Instagram in particular is by far the most important for me. I've always battled a little bit with social media as I've never wanted to come across as vein or self righteous or like I'm showing off in anyway as it's just not who I am but I've come to embrace it and see it as a way of connecting with like minded people and just generally showcasing my work as a stylist/influencer and presenter. I tend to post 'OOTD' pics daily and I find that's the best way to engage with my "audience"

  • Where do you gather your style inspiration from?

I gather my fashion inspiration from so many different outlets! I find that music has probably been one of my greatest inspirations, I grew up listening to a lot of 90's rnb and hip hop and would watch music videos of people like Mary J Blige and SWV and I loved the whole street style/ghetto fabulous vibe but I always love watching movies from the 50's with glamorous women like zsa zsa gabor! My mum is also one of the best dressed women I know and she's the queen on accessories so I'm always stealing from her!

  • What is your least favourite body part and how do you go about dressing for this whilst still feeling confident?

I used to have a list of parts of my body that I wasn't too keen on but the beauty of getting older is appreciating what you do have so I don't dwell on things that could be better but I would say I wish I had wider hips which probably sounds weird to some but I've always found curvier bodies more appealing and all the women in my family are curvy and I'm one of the  smallest but it's okay, I'm going to start squatting lol . I don't avoid any particular type of clothing though, I just work with what I've got and hope for the best! 

  • Would you classify yourself as a feminist? What are your concerns and what do you hope for the future of women?

I would definitely classify myself as a feminist as should everybody! I think the word sometimes comes with negative connotation unfortunately but to put it in simple terms if you believe that Men and Women deserve to be treated equally in all aspects of life then that would make you a feminist. If I do the exact same job as a man, why should I be paid less? The issue is of course so much bigger than just unequal pay but we're getting there...

My hope for women in the future is that we are awarded the same luxury as men of being able to express ourselves without fear of being labelled whether it be through fashion/career/family choices etc