Celebrity MUA- Scarlett Burton

Talk me through the process of how you became an MUA

It all really started when I was at Art School in my late teens and I was specialising in Fine Art and all my friends were in the Fashion class and I wanted to be with them, so i asked to be moved to their class and started studying fashion, entirely because I wanted to be with my friends. I then realised I was terrible with fabric, even worse with a sewing machine and gave up all hope of doing anything in fashion until my tutor saw that i was pretty good at painting and the only subject i was ever painting was female faces with lot of colour and really intricate details, and then it all came together! The Art School allowed me to do makeup as a fashion project in order to get my diploma, brought in makeup artist Alex Box to talk to me about a career in makeup and then I moved to London to study a BA in Fashion Hair and Makeup at London College of Fashion 3 weeks later. Ive never looked back since!

Most memorable MUA job, why?

This is such a hard question - so many amazing things have happened! Probably shooting for Suitcase magazine in Greece last year. We had been briefed beforehand that we would be staying on a boat but that was all we knew and we drove up to a harbour in Athens with the biggest mega yachts I have ever seen, it literally looked like Monte Carlo, and were escorted to a huge private yacht which was our residence for the week, complete with Captain, staff and chefs! We spent the whole week living like celebs, sailing around the Greek Isles. Of course there was some makeup happening as well! Either that or being flown to LA earlier this year for a music video with one of my girls' Whinnie WIlliams, spending the days in the desert and the nights in the bars, definitely work hard play hard. 


Most terrible MUA job ever encountered, what happened?

I don't think i've done any that have been really terrible but its not always the glamour it appears to be. Ive spent days in January on cold British beaches, in the icy winds and rain and 21 hour days on music videos with very little sleep and 2am call times. Some jobs are very testing on the day but its usually worth it when you see the results. 

Who is your idol? Explain why…

My dad. Because he has the most motivational, inspirational energy, and taught me to be really hardworking and never give up on a dream.


Favourite Celebrity you have worked with?

I have to say Foxes, who is an artist i work with now. From the first time we worked together, we just clicked and she is lovely to makeup up!


Do you think there is a common make up mistake most women make?

I think the most common mistake i see women making is wearing too much makeup. Ive always been taught that makeup is to enhance beauty, not to mask it or completely distort the face. I think all this contouring of the face is very clever and looks great on instagram but in the flesh, its not a nice look. Skin is beautiful, I want to see pores and freckles, not hide them.


The contouring phase seems to have simmered down a little, what do you predict to be the next make up fad?

It's not quite a fad but I think everything is going to go back to natural, French style beauty. Strobing is already here which focuses on glowy fresh skin as opposed to the heavily made up contoured look and I've seen people embracing their natural curls and hair texture more that ever before.


Please share with us your top 5 beauty tips/ hacks.

  1. For the sharpest winged liner, paint a rough line and use a damp angled brush to neaten up the flick
  2. Use masking tape to remove glitter
  3. Second day mascara always looks best (sounds crazy but if you dont have sensitive eyes, try it)
  4. Fake freckles with fake tan so they last longer
  5. If you struggle with eyelash curlers, try half lash curlers (mine are from MAC) to get every lash, even small ones!


Your most valued make up item that you would recommend?

All my Charlotte Tilbury eye makeup palettes, I have the full set. They are such luxury products and the pigments are amazing. They come on every job with me and I cant live without them.


Who’s face would you love to do Make Up on and why?

Someone who's experimental with beauty like FKA Twigs or Lady Gaga, it would never be the same look twice. Also, Yolandi Visser has a great face for makeup and really cool beauty style, she'd be really interesting to work on.