PRE-London Fashion Week Pop-Up Shop

We would like to thank everyone who came to our debut PRE-London Fashion Week Pop-Up Shop and Press Night last weekend at Lights of Soho! It was an absolute pleasure to host the event alongside our fellow designers Rein, Alpha Omega, House 13, Sarah & Sorentino, Vintage Licks, Lime & Soda, Meame and Violetta Vintage. We look forward to seeing you all at the next one in the next later this year!


The London Designers Collective is the result of emerging London fashion brands’ desire to turn the fashion industry on its head; to side step the trials and tribulations that come with wholesaling to independent stores and boutiques, to actually take the reins of their businesses and focus on getting direct to their customers, building relationships and understanding their needs and wants.

Encouraged by the new found abilities of social media and online, the collective has joined forces - alone is a struggle, together as a collective we are a force, with a powerful reach! Harnessing this power, the collective aims to create a platform for small emerging brands to get together and host multi-label pop up shops - bouncing off each others social and digital reaches.

Thank you to our sponsors My White Secret, Purelosophy & Can O Water.